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Immediate Available Products

The main kind of boxes we can make, are as follows:

scatola americana

American Box

It’s the most classic and popular of the boxes made with close-fitting fins both below and above (see Catalogue Cod.0201). In some cases it is preferred with the flaps partially or totally overlapped providing better content protection and a greater resistance packaging (see Catalogue cod.0203). The box is usually sealed with tape, strapping or paper clips.

Scatola semiamericana

Half-American Box

This box is usually matched with closing the flaps on one side (see Catalogue Cod.0200). Where the box is used with the upper opening, closing, if necessary, is secured by a lid erecting blanks (see Catalogue Cod.0422) or secondarily Slizza will open sewing on the corners (see Catalogue Cod.0312) or glued (see Catalogue Cod.0308).

Scatola fustellata

Cutting Box

Thanks to the cutting process that involves the use of molds are called “dies”, you can create almost any shape or type of housing, resulting in high levels of customization. For example it is possible to produce containers for pizza, exhibitors, molded interior, special packaging, etc..

Our technical office is at your disposal to give solutions for every request.

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